• 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of José María Arizmendiarrieta, the promoter of Mondragon Cooperative Experience. This website has been created to disseminate his thought, work and influence.

    "Forward, always forward"
  • Reflection

    Cooperatives, which must pay maximum attention to their people, must not idealize them but contemplate them such as they are, with defects and virtues. To do cooperativism must mean...


  • José María Arizmendiarrieta Square

    25 April, 2016

    Today, Monday 25 of April, at 12:00 has been the inauguration Ceremony of the José María Arizmendiarrieta Square, this ceremony is situated on the centenary of Mr. Jose Marías’ birth, […]

  • José María closely: Mundukide

    7 April, 2016

    We have interviewed Josu Urrutia Beristain, director of the Mundukide NGO, and in his testimony he tells about the influence that the thoughts of Arizmendiarrieta had on the working stile […]

  • Thanksgiving mass in San Sebastián

    18 March, 2016

    Tras la declaración por parte del Papa Francisco de “Venerable” a Arizmendiarrieta, un hito trascendente en el desarrollo de su causa de Beatificación, se ha organizado una misa de acción […]

  • Jose Maria, closely

    23 February, 2016

    Con idea de conocer mejor otro de los pilares del pensamiento de Arizmendiarrieta, la innovación, nos hemos reunido con Marcelino Caballero, actual director general de IK4-Ikerlan. “Don José Maria fue […]

  • Arizmendiarrieta is remembered in the cooperatives of the Industrial Park in Kunshan

    21 December, 2015

    Los trabajadores de las cooperativas ubicadas en el Parque Industrial de Kunshan, en China, han aprovechado la celebración anual del Día del Deporte para dedicarlo a la figura de Arizmendiarrieta […]

  • Arizmendi’s Secret

    21 December, 2015

    El documental ‘Arizmendi’s Secret’ trata sobre la cooperativa Arizmendi Bakery, una cadena de panaderías-pastelerías repartidas por San Francisco y otras localidades de California, además de acercar al público la figura […]

  • Exposure of D. Arizmendiarrieta in Bergara

    21 December, 2015

    Dentro de los actos del centenario del nacimiento de D. José María Arizmendiarrieta (1915-2015), el domingo 20 de Septiembre se inauguró la exposición en la Parroquia Santa Marina de Bergara […]

  • LKS presents the book “José María Arizmendiarrieta. Un hombre, un pueblo, una experiencia”

    21 December, 2015

    Sus autores, Fermin Garmendia y Manolo González, rinden un “homenaje a esta figura clave en el desarrollo económico vasco del siglo XX”. El miércoles 23 de septiembre en el espacio […]

  • Jose Maria, closely

    21 December, 2015

    Nos hemos reunido en uno de los lugares clave en la experiencia MONDRAGON, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, con Miguel Angel Laspiur quien, tras su larga trayectoria profesional en empresas del […]

  • Presentes “Arizmendiarrieta saria” award

    21 December, 2015

    En la celebración del Centenario (1915/2015) de D. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, la Asociación Amigos de Arizmendiarrieta – Arizmendiarrietaren Lagunak Elkartea ha presentado el PREMIO ARIZMENDIARRIETA SARIA cuyos objetivos son: Dar […]

  • Who was Arizmendiarrieta?

    21 December, 2015

    La Asociación Amigos de Arizmendiarrieta ha organizado una concurso en el que el objetivo será mantener viva la figura de Don José María Arizmendiarrieta. Para ello, esto es lo que […]

  • Arizmendiarrieta in memory

    21 December, 2015

    En la celebración del Centenario (1915/2015) de D. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta, la Asociación Amigos de Arizmendiarrieta – Arizmendiarrietaren Lagunak Elkartea homenajeara a aquellas personas que convivieron y conocieron a Don […]

  • Tribute to Arizmendiarrieta close people

    21 December, 2015

    La Asociación de Amigos de Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta ha homenajeado a 10 personas que han tenido una presencia especial o que trabajaron muy cerca de Don José María Arzimendiarrieta. El […]

  • Pope Francis named “Venerable” to Arizmendiarrieta

    21 December, 2015

    Ha aprobado la emisión del Decreto de la Congregación para las Causas de los Santos por el que se designa “Venerable” a José María Arizmendiarrieta. Con el nombramiento de “venerable” […]


Arizmendiarrieta was born

He was born on 22nd April in the hamlet of Iturbe, Barinaga parish, in the municipality of Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia). Read more

José María attended primary school in Barinaga

Read more

Castillo Elejabeitia Lower Seminary

In 1927, at the age of 12, he ceded his inheritance and the rights of premogeniture to his next eldest brother when he joined the Castillo Elejabeitia Lower Seminary, later joining the Diocesan Seminary in Vitoria where he completed his education. Read more

Conciliar Seminary in Vitoria

He attended the recently opened Conciliar Seminary in Vitoria where he studied Philosophy and Theology. His studies were interrupted when Civil War broke out. Read more

Imprisoned at Larrinaga prison (Bilbao)

After collaborating with two nationalist newspapers, Eguna and Euskadi, under the pseudonym of "Arretxinaga", and being an active member of the PNV , he was imprisoned for a month and a half before being acquitted of all charges. Read more

Priest and first mass

On 21st December 1940, José María Arizmendiarrieta was ordained as a priest by Bishop Lauzurika. Just a few days later, on 1st January 1941, he celebrated his first mass in the Church of San Pedro in Barinaga. Read more

Destination: Mondragón

On 5th February 1941 he arrived in Mondragón as curate of the parish of San Juan Bautista. And so began his work. Read more

The "Escuela Profesional" (Technical College) opens

He founded the Escuela Professional with an initial intake of 20 pupils, under the symbolic aphorism "education is an investment that never depreciates". Read more

Cultural drive

Through Catholic Action, Arizmendiarrieta launched a plethora of cultural and sporting activities in Arrasate. Read more

First promotion of industrial technicians

The students study at the Escuela Profesional in Mondragón and sit their exams at the Escuela de Peritos Industriales [School of Industrial Technicians] in Zaragoza. Arizmendiarrieta was the professor of religion and economics. Read more

Arizmendiarrieta acquired a modest factory manufacturing stoves in Vitoria

Don José María Arizmendiarrieta acquired a modest factory manufacturing stoves in Vitoria for 400,000 pesetas, thanks to a loan from Banco San Sebastián, guaranteed by the pharmacist, José Ruiz, and Juan Azkoaga, "the painter". Read more

First sketch of Talleres Ulgor, the co-operative group's first company, in the early 60s

José María Arizmendiarrieta blesses the first stone of Ulgor, a name which united the identities of its founders: Luis Usatorre, Jesús Larrañaga, Alfonso Gorroñogoitia, Jose María Ormaechea y Javier Ortubay. Read more

10th August 1958: In front of the Atomium in Brussels with lecturers and students from the Escuela Profesional

That same year, by order of the Ministry of Labour, members of co-operatives were excluded from the General Social Security System. This decision was decisive in setting in motion the actions aimed at creating Lagun Aro, a Voluntary Mutual Benefit Organisation. Read more

Caja Laboral Popular (Co-operative Savings Bank)

Arizmendiarrieta established the Caja Laboral Popular, a pivotal event in the future of the early co-operative movement. The driving forces behind it were the co-operatives of Ulgor, San José Consumer Co-operative, Funcor y Fagor Arrasate. Read more

First issue of the Cooperación newsletter, forerunner to the TU Lankide magazine

In September 1960, Father Arizmendiarrieta founded TU Lankide, the internal magazine of MONDRAGON. Today, thanks to its hard-copy version, published quarterly, and its online edition, www.tulankide.com, the magazine aims to provide current information on the Corporation and spread the co-operative culture. Read more

Opening ceremony of the San José consumer co-operative, the forerunner of Eroski

Eroski was born some years later, in 1969, from the union of ten consumer co-operatives, with the aim of facilitating and reducing the costs of its operations. Today, it is one of Spain's largest distribution companies with over 2,000 stores of varying sizes and activities. Read more

Alecop, an experience combining study and work

Alecop S. Coop., (Actividad Laboral Escolar Cooperativa) came into operation, with the vision and mission of linking two worlds that, until that moment, had stood separately: study and work. With its eminently social approach, Alecop provided students with genuine contact with companies, while at the same time providing companies with Human Resources who were suitably trained to handle the real needs of society and the system of production and services. Read more

The new "Eskola Politeknikoa" (Polytechnic College) is born

13th September, opening of the new Eskola Politeknikoa by the Education Minister, Manuel Lora Tamayo. Read more

Opening of Garagarza

Opening of the Fagor plant in the Garagarza district of Mondragón, with the ministers of industry and labour, José Mª López de Letona and Licinio de la Fuente, respectively. Read more

Laying the foundation stone for the Ikerlan Research Centre

Birth of Ikerlan, a Basque technological R&D centre, dedicated to innovation in products, processes and services in order to help businesses become more competitive. Today, it offers integrated solutions combining the six domains in which it possesses a high degree of specialisation: embedded systems, power electronics, micro technologies, energy, mechatronics and advanced manufacturing. Read more

1st December, 1976: Mondragón bids farewell to Arizmendiarrieta

On 29th November 1976, Father José María passed away, leaving us a final message "Looking back is an offence to God, you must always look forward". Read more

The Eskola Politeknikoa, Arizmendiarrieta's first accomplishment, celebrates its golden jubilee

The Escuela Profesional now has over 300 students, a significant number in the field of vocational training. Above all this was Don José María's brainchild and its motto "you have to socialise knowledge in order to truly democratise power" is a true reflection of the motivational idea behind the Eskola, one of the projects that was closest to his heart. Read more

The Basque Parliament approves the constitution of Mondragon University. Read more

Dedicated issue of TU Lankide magazine

In November 2001, a whole issue of the TU Lankide magazine was devoted to the 25th anniversary of Arizmendiarrieta’s death. Read more

The Basque Symphony Orchestra and the San Sebastian Choral Society brought the curtain down on events celebrating MONDRAGON’s 50th anniversary, in May 2006

It was an especially significant year, historically speaking, for Fagor, and for the MONDRAGON group as a whole, with the 50th anniversary of the creation of Ulgor, the Corporation’s industrial embryo and the starting point for a Co-operative Experience which fifty years on had become an international point of reference. And all this in what was an excellent year in all respects. Read more

Opening in November 2007 of MONDRAGON’s industrial park in Kunshan (China)

The international economic crisis started to become apparent, in a year of two clearly distinct phases: a first half of economic prosperity and a second half in which demand began to decline. In this economic climate, MONDRAGON’s sales rose by 12%. Read more

MONDRAGON Co-operative Congress

On 28th September, the 650 delegates of the MONDRAGON Co-operative Congress unanimously approved the Socio-Business Policy 2013- 2016, which proposes to transform its business fabric to generate value-added employment that is preferably co-operative in nature. This is a challenge that will require significant changes: adjusting the size of businesses to the global market, orientation towards emerging markets, possible development of new strategic partnerships, reorganisation of activities with less potential for growth, and firm commitment to carrying out integrated corporate projects, among others. Read more

"Co-operative enterprises build a better world"

The International Year of Co-operatives was a great opportunity for MONDRAGON to raise awareness of its unique model and present itself to the world as a co-operative, competitive, innovative, socio-business operating on a global scale. Read more

Fagor Electrodomésticos crisis

Arrangement with creditors and subsequent transfer of assets to the Catalan group, CNA. Read more

The MONDRAGON Corporation's Congress was held on 15th December 2014

Javier Sotil called for hope and confidence in the ability of the group and its people. The new president of the General Council underlined the importance of stronger and more competitive projects in order to ensure long-term sustainability and job creation Read more

"The co-operative movement is the affirmation of faith in people, in work, in honesty, in living together"

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Don José María Arizmendiarrieta, a date which will be remembered and celebrated throughout the year. Read more